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David on the Issues

"We need to continue to put family and community first.  I will continue to fight for lower taxes, better traffic flow, and safer neighborhoods.  I will fight to protect our quality of life and the character of our neighborhoods." -- David Baker

Taxes and Spending Every dollar government spends was earned by one of us.  I have worked to lower your taxes each year since you elected me. I have voted not to take the 1 percent increase the State allows each year.  I support zero-based budgeting so that every dollar of spending is justified every year. I support a regulation that would require voter approval of any future tax increase. I led the move that reduced the current utility tax on gas and electricity by 2 percent.
Traffic I will fight to make sure State transportation dollars are spent here, in the traffic choked suburb of Kenmore, where road improvements are desperately needed.  I am against the current construction on SR 522, which will do nothing to reduce traffic congestion and air pollution. The SR 522 plan will not add one lane for traffic and, according to the consultants, will not increase the traffic flow. I support left turns into our businesses and will fight to protect the vital access our businesses need to survive.
Business Our nation's economy is driven by small business, which creates 75 percent of net new jobs. Over 99 percent of all American businesses are small. In Kenmore, small business is the lifeblood of our city. Our City Council needs to continue improving communication with the businesses in our city to assure that the Council actions will not hurt them. As a small business owner, I am an advocate on the City Council for small business.

Public Safety

The crime rate in Kenmore is lower than in any of our surrounding communities and I pledge to do whatever is necessary to ensure it stays that way. We need to keep our neighborhoods safe and family friendly.

The City Council needs to be aware of the cost of leasing police protection from the King County Sheriff’s Department versus having our own Police Department. If it becomes cost effective, we must be prepared to establish our Police Department. My foremost concern is the safety and protection of our citizens.


It was President Teddy Roosevelt who began the modern day conservation movement. I will continue to vote preserve greenspace without increasing taxes or infringing on private property rights. I will fight to protect Lake Washington, St. Edwards Park, our City parks, and the Samamish River.  I will work to keep our air and water clean and protect our natural treasures.

City of Kenmore receives help preserving Saint Edward Seminary

“Saving the historic seminary building in a way that promotes sustainability and environmental values, while enhancing the local economy, is a huge opportunity for the city, and we are ready to be a helpful partner in this effort,” Kenmore Mayor David Baker said. “The team that has stepped forward is truly high caliber with strong community ties, as well as national prominence.”

Decrease Taxes

Since being elected, I have fought to lower your taxes while enhancing the services the City offers. In the past 4 years the City tax rate has gone down from 1.67 per 1000 to 1.47 per 1000.

I am against the council spending money if it does not directly improve the lives of Kenmore residents. If I cannot be shown that a tax dollar spent will benefit the people of Kenmore, then I will vote to save that dollar or spend it on something that will.

Keep Them in Kenmore

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